SOHO combines comfortable and practical coworking space with a programme of cultural and social events for a community of creative professionals and entrepreneurs

What is SOHO?

//A creative and artsy coworking space, a meeting point for culture and modern urban colour.

SOHO provides easy and flexible access to a fully equipped workplace for freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the creative sector. Renting a desk, an office or an event space also comes with value-added business services and opportunities for professional development, cultural enrichment and relaxation – all happening “at home”. All of the practical necessities of office life are also provided without the mundane time drain of you having to worry about them yourself.

SOHO’s "co-inhabitants" form a community of like-minded professionals, which stimulates creative exchange among them.


// Flexible workplaces for individuals and teams

All workplaces include a secured high-speed fiber optic internet connection, access to conference rooms, AC, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a scanner & printer, a shared library, tea, subsidized coffee, mineral water, cleaning and utilities. All prices are VAT-inclusive.


A flexible desk – if you get bored with your old desk you can use a different one every time you come to work
including new deskmates

20 BGN  1 visit
75 BGN**  1 week
130 BGN*  10 visits
188 BGN  1 month
+ 3 hours conference room (9 am - 7 pm for a monthly subscription)
+ call room
+ working hours 9 am - 7 pm
* Within 1 month
** Consecutive working days


A dedicated desk with an adjustable office chair and a cactus

233 BGN1 month
+ 4 hours conference room (9 am - 7 pm)
+ mail box
+ locker
+ call room
+ working hours 9 am - 7 pm with an option for extended access


A personal space with plenty of natural light, comfortable furniture and lots of cacti, suitable up to 4 people

654 BGN1 month
+ 10 hours conference room (9 am - 7 pm)
+ mail box
+ dog-friendly
+ working hours 24/7

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Event spaces

// Multifunctional spaces for up to 100 people. Can be rented 24 hours, 365 days a year. Prices are per hour and VAT inclusive

The spaces in SOHO are suitable for various types of events – from business meetings, debates, seminars, lectures to workshops, theatre performances, book presentations, art workshops, exhibitions, yoga and ballet, receptions and parties.

Each and every one of the seven spaces has:

+ seats and tables with the option of different layouts
+ secured high-speed fiber optic internet connection
+ natural light
+ high ceilings
+ dedicated AC
+ whiteboard
+ and many more extras

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* 1 H - 30 BGN / H, 2 H to 4 H - 25 BGN / H, Above 4 H - 20 BGN / H
** 1 H - 50 BGN / H, Above 1 H - 40 BGN / H
*** 1 H - 80 BGN / H, 2 H to 6 H - 70 BGN / H, Above 6 H - 60 BGN / H


// Еxhibitions, concerts, theatre performances,literature readings, debates, seminars, workshops & classes

Upcoming events - highlightssee all events »

SoCONCERT: Summer in Paris

August 16, 8 PM - 10 PM

On the sixteenth evening of August, our green garden will be filled yet again with feelings of coziness and connectedness, thanks to the Jazz lady Mira Katsarova. The concert is part from her series of performances of only French songs, accompanied by other favorite musicians like Miroslav Turiiski, pianist and author of the arrangement, Veselin Veselinov-Eko playing the double bass, and the drummer Hristo Yotsov.

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SoADVENTUROUS: orienteering workshop

July 12 & 13, 7 PM - 9 PM

On the 12th and 13th of July together with Branislav Brankov from Big Ice Expeditions we will introduce you to the fundamental processes, related to the preparation and travelling through routes in difficult mountain areas. In a structural and comprehensible way, our guest has summed up more than 10 years of experience that he's had in a broad specter of terrains and conditions in the mountains, starting from our own land, through Central Europe, Sweden, the Alps and Iceland, and finishing at the Patagonian Andes and their inaccessible ice.

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SoADVENTUROUS: Langjokull - lessons and stories from the Subarctic

June 27, 7 AM - 9 PM

Far from the palette of geysers, volcanoes, green-black lava fields and the eye-catching colorful soils of Fjallabaki, together with Iva Rousseva and Branislav Brankov, they will take us to a sub-arctic wasteland, dominated by storms, winds and old Viking gods. The two adventurers will tell us the story of an expedition at the toughest Icelandic time, when the chances of success are close to the freezing point. Special attention will be given to the preparation as a continuous evolutionary process and the making of difficult decisions in dangerous situations. We will share the challenges, the risks and the uncertainty together - the whole scale of emotions on this journey and we will meet new depths of consciousness and power of the human spirit.

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// A coworking dream team



After many years of living in Paris and studying at the Sorbonne amongst interesting people and events, Luba created SOHO out of her inner need to bring together all her incredibly diverse interests and dreams. This is also her function - to keep on generating and accomplishing them. Lately, she can’t be found in the green house that often, but in the blue one instead (in Sinemorets), but you can always recognise her by the messy hair, her son Max, and the two golden retrievers - Roya (in Farsi - "dream") and Indie. Besides them, Joro, and SOHO, she adores interior design, loves snowboarding, practicing yoga, or simply being surrounded by nature. If you have any idea concerning the spirit of SOHO - whether it's art, a professional or a social cause, she is the person to share and further develop it with. And if you are wondering who is behind the ideological vision of SOHO and the graphic and interior design, just because you like it - then she will be very happy to hear it, since it’s her work.


chief operating officer

A year and a half after the beginning of the green adventure, Joro appeared both in SOHO and in Luba's childhood dreams. In the whirl of events, SOHO found its point of balance by becoming “professionalized” while preserving its initial vibe. With a formal education in administration and an informal one as a DJ and an organiser of music festivals, Joro naturally took up the position of COO, later becoming a partner in the green house, then in the blue one, and eventually – in the one with Max. Apart from the administrative, organisational, technical and musical issues, Joro is your man if you need something that you can’t find on our page. In addition to SOHO's usual services, he’s the guy to talk to if you have anything in mind, such as developing the alternative musical scene in Bulgaria, having light drinks of craft beers in one of our gardens, a squash contest (don’t get upset when he beats you), parties with quality music and good company (often organised by him or his close friends) and even things that neither he, nor you have still thought of.


community manager

She stumbled upon SOHO “by mistake”, having thought that our vacant dedicated desk ad was a job offer, but there was something so distinct and magnetic about her that we didn’t mention her confusion. She initially started out as an intern, and even from the very first day it felt as if she had always been a part of us. She quickly grew to become a community manager and your smiling connection to the green house. If you need a work place or to plan an event - she’s the person. If you are already an inhabitant of ours and you need just about anything - again, she is the one. And whenever we are working on a collaborative event, guess who you should talk to. Because Vladi is a cheerful and all-doing Shiva, with a huge heart that loves being surrounded by positive beings - including dogs, kids and flowers, filling her mind with quality music, books, movies, events and trips, and to using her unshakable energy to create beauty and harmony. In short, Vladi is family. This is why she is also the "manager" of our community.


community manager assistant

Nelly is 19 and after graduating from high school, she has wisely chosen to take a gap year before starting her degree in Filmmaking in England. Self-defined as a professional doer, a troubadour with a mission and also a Persian princess, Nelly is above of all a huge smile, with two energetic, deep eyes, and an extraordinary voice whit unique sound. With Afghan origins and rich "double" culture, Nelly mainly helps us with the visual communication. The feel for camera, lighting, composition and editing comes naturally to her. She loves communicating with people (and if only she spoke at a somewhat normal speed, not one close to that of the light), and most often if she isn’t somewhere photographing something or someone, you will see her giving people tours around the green house, portraying its soul as charmingly as Scheherazade herself would.



And as we set out on intelligent, kindhearted and knowledgeable “children”, we decided not to stop there. Lilly is also 19 and studies Law. She appeared in the house along with Nelly and initially she just lent her a helping hand with some leftover tasks. Before we realised it, she had turned into a part of the team and today she’s responsible for all kinds of legal and other serious things even though she’s still a kid. A proud owner of swimming medals, she quickly dived into SOHO’s waters with her care for the green house. She might be shy in front of people and cameras, but in good company she’s likely to reveal even the most funnily retarded stories from the office, which are more than a few.

Roya & Indie

happiness managers

Shaggy yellow dogs named Roya and Indie. More than humans, they are the heart of SOHO. Responsible for welcoming the new guests and old inhabitants and tapping with their nails across the floorboards, they'll push their wet noses onto your lap and even if you are in your worst possible mood, they'll manage to fix that in seconds! They love to be loved and to love a lot. They’ re always begging for food, but please do not give them any, because Luba will scold you!


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4 Iskar Street, Sofia 1000 (near Serdika metro station)

working hours:
Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 7 PM

+359 877 188 688

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