SOHO combines comfortable and practical coworking space with a programme of cultural and social events for a community of creative professionals and entrepreneurs

What is SOHO?

//A creative and artsy coworking space, a meeting point for culture and modern urban colour.

SOHO provides easy and flexible access to a fully equipped workplace for freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the creative sector. Renting a desk, an office or an event space also comes with value-added business services and opportunities for professional development, cultural enrichment and relaxation – all happening “at home”. All of the practical necessities of office life are also provided without the mundane time drain of you having to worry about them yourself.

SOHO’s "co-inhabitants" form a community of like-minded professionals, which stimulates creative exchange among them.


// Flexible workplaces for individuals and teams

All workplaces include a secured high-speed fiber optic internet connection, access to conference rooms, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a scanner & printer, a shared library, tea, subsidized coffee, mineral water, cleaning and utilities. All prices are VAT-inclusive.


A flexible desk – if you get bored with your old desk you can use a different one every time you come to work
including new deskmates

16 BGN  1 visit
68 BGN** 1 week
118 BGN**  2 weeks
130 BGN*  10 visits
188 BGN  1 month
+ 3 hours conference room (9 am - 7 pm for a    monthly subscription)
+ call room
+ working hours 9 am - 7 pm
FREEfirst visit
* Within 1 month
** Consecutive working days


A dedicated desk with an adjustable office chair and a cactus

233 BGN1 month
+ 4 hours conference room (9 am - 7 pm)
+ mail box
+ locker
+ call room
+ working hours 9 am - 7 pm with an option for    extended access


A personal space with plenty of natural light, comfortable furniture and lots of cacti, suitable up to 4 people

654 BGN1 month
+ 10 hours conference space Sofia, Holistic or     Company room (9 am - 7 pm)
+ mail box
+ dog-friendly
+ working hours 24/7

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Event spaces

// Multifunctional spaces for up to 100 people. Can be rented 24 hours, 365 days a year. Prices are per hour and VAT inclusive

The spaces in SOHO are suitable for various types of events – from business meetings, debates, seminars, lectures to workshops, theatre performances, book presentations, art workshops, exhibitions, yoga and ballet, receptions and parties.

Each and every one of the six spaces has:

+ seats and tables with the option of different layouts
+ secured high-speed fiber optic internet connection
+ natural light
+ high ceilings
+ dedicated AC
+ whiteboard
+ and many more extras

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// Еxhibitions, concerts, theatre performances,literature readings, debates, seminars, workshops & classes

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SoBAZAAR green edition #4

May 27 & 28, 10:00 - 19:00h

Festive two days with a fine selection of more than 50 participants to spoil the senses. Food, music, limited series of interior design solutions, ladies', men's and children's fashion, toys, books, bio cosmetics, jewellery and other accessories, incl. for dogs

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06 април - 15 юни

С настъпването на пролетта се отдаваме на непреодолимото желание за насищане с душевни красоти и преливащи сетивни състояния. Под покрива на зелената къща откриваме изложба на Йорданка Мишева и нейното много лично творчество, плод на среднощни излияния и непринудени вълнения.

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SoCONCERT: Frost & Fire

05 юли, 19:30 - 21:30ч.

През осемдесетте години на ХХ век Кени Гарет казвa, че, ако Джон Колтрейн е жив, би свирил хип-хоп, защото хип-хопът е новата, съвременната музика. Оттогава са минали трийсет години. Музиката, която създават музикантите от квартет "Стефан Горанов" - Александър Логозаров (китара), Хорхе Кастанйеда (пиано), Дарио Гиберт (бас), Стефан Горанов (барабани), представя опита им да изразят своето виждане за съвременната музика, без да поставят стилови ограничения пред себе си. По време на второто си посещение в България, музикантите ще представят нова музика, вдъхновена от разказа на Рей Бредбъри - Frost & Fire.

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Академия за пътешественици: Пещерата "Колкина дупка"

April 04, 19:00 - 21:00

Този път лектори ще са спалеолозите от ПК Под ръбъ, чийто основен двигател е приятелството и изследователската страст. Прекарвайки значителна част от времето си в планините, членовете на клуба организират и участват в експедиции, изследват пещери и пропасти, а основната им цел е да насърчават спелеологията на територията на община Своге, страната и чужбина.

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Classical ballet

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

The course, taught by Daniela Vlad. Hristova, introduces you to the fundamentals of classical ballet and to the world of fine dance expression.“Through the necessity of ballet dancing a person finds the freedom of movement."

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// A coworking dream team



After many years living in Paris, immersing herself in interesting people and events, Luba created SOHO - the embodiments of many of her dreams coming together. This is also her present occupation, to continue generating and implementing them. Often she just hangs around the house, followed by a yellow shaggy dogs - her Roya (in Farsi it means a 'dream') and Indie. If you have any kind of idea in the spirit of SOHO, then she is the person to share it with.


chief operating officer

Also known as Super Joro, he is our male presence and your connection with the big green house. With unwavering calm he balances our team and contributes to everything that happens. He is both competent in the administrative and technical aspects of our work as well as in everything else. A DJ from childhood, he is a wizard at organising crazy parties of all kinds. He is the support column for everything we create.


graphic design & events

Galya is the very definition of cool. The third OG of our team can most often be seen trough the graphical depictions, which communicate what happens under our roof. In addition to the "brush", she seems to have a knack with everything she touches. Even the most daunting task does not frighten her, but on the contrary - she pushes us to deal with it asap. However her favorite aspect of SOHO life is the events and the communication with our wider community. As such she suite her role as our designer, creating the visual image of events as well as graphics.

Roya & Indie


Shaggy yellow dogs named Roya and Indie. More than humans, they are the heart of SOHO. Responsible for welcoming the new guests and old inhabitants, for making familiar sound tapping with their nails across the floorboards, they'll push their wet nose onto your lap and even if you are in your worst possible mood, they'll manage to fix that in seconds! They love to be loved and love a lot. Always begging for food, but please do not give them any, cause Luba will scold you!


// Say hi

4 Iskar Street, Sofia 1000 (near Serdika metro station)

working hours:
Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 7 PM

+359 877 188 688

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